Friday, 17 January 2014

Hair Fall Solutions With Natural Herbals

Hairs are one of the most important part of body and everyone want to save their hairs from dandruff and hair fall. So we bring some natural ways to stop the hair fall and dandruff. Inside discovery team going to share some tips to prevent hair fall quickly you will see the result in just one week. This 4 tips can stop the hair fall also can boost up the growing speed for your hairs. It is 100% herbal that is why 0% risk to of side effect. Best Of Luck

There are 4 ways to stop Hair fall

  • Apply Hot Oil :
Take any kind of oil just like Olive, Coconut, Canola, Mustard and heat it up normally and then apply it into your scalp gently and leave it for one and half hour, you can use shower cap after applying the hot oil if you feel comfortable.

  • Natural Juices Treatment :
You can rub garlic juice, onion juice, ginger juice into your scalp and leave it 4 to 7 hours then wash it with shampoo.

  • Green Tea (Antioxidant) :
Brewed two tea bags into a cap of water and then apply this mixture on your head and leave it for an hour, after one hour wash your head (don't use shampoo after it).

  • Head Massage :
You can stop hair fall by massage your head daily for 15 to 20 minuets this exercise can simulate the circulation.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014


In an interview of Salman Khan after the Mumbai attack when the reporter ask question about Islam and Terrorism and say something wrong about the Islam.


Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Article Writing Tips and Tricks 2014

Article Writing 2014
Articles writing is a skill that helps a person to show his/her inner talent or knowledge to others. It is also a very good tool to get traffic on your website. Write some articles about your blog or website and publish it so you can get many unique visitors on your blog/website. Article must be unique and meaningful, Always choose good words to make your article looks original and unique.
The limit of words must be minimum 500 because that how you can get traffic on your article and website. 500 or more words help the article to show on the top because of its high quality wording and point. Don't forget to check the grammar and spell mistakes it can through your website and article down and you'll not get the traffic on it.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

How To Make Money Online 2014

There are many companies work online and paying dollars to their publishers/clients just like Google, Chitka, Youtube, Clickbank etc. But the best ways to earn dollars online are the following:

  • Google Adsense : Website owners can place adsense ads on their website to earn money.
  • Youtube : Upload videos monetize your account and earn money.
These two are the best ways to earn money online, many peoples are earning a big amount monthly from their homes.
Its not very difficult just study some basics about web development then start online small business and start earning from it. There are many success stories of peoples who already working on Google Adsense and now youtube is also paying big money to publishers.
But something you must need to know about it is that you will never choose any alternative way to earn quickly for example clicking ads by your own etc. 
You have to promote your website or youtube channel legally and upload some original contents on it for example Photography Website, Music Website etc. Contents must have quality and make sure its not pirated because Google figure out the fake things very quickly. Just make a website or youtube channel and upload rich and original contents and promote it with the help of Facebook ads or Google Adword, You can also promote your website/youtube channel with the help of social media websites just like,, etc, You can also use Social bookmarking websites for promotion.
Please do not use cheap or unsecure way to promote your website or youtube channel and don't by yourself. Only original traffic can help you to earn money online the more viewers/visitors the more you get paid.
Best of Luck 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Best Photography Institute in Pakistan 2014

Pakistan's best arts university is National College of Arts Lahore, this university is one of the oldest university of Pakistan and the best university of Arts in whole Pakistan. Photography , Film-Making, Sound Creating and Fashion Designing is the most popular courses of NCA Lahore.
Photography Contests and Sound Creating Contests are the best events of this university.This is the one of the university where every person have a unique talent and a pleasant personality.
Best Faculty of Pakistan is found in this university because every teacher is fully professional and succesfull person in their relevant fields.

Official Facebook Page : " "
Ali Zafar the POP Star of Pakistan was also a student of National College of Arts Lahore and
now everyone can see where he is and how fast he is going up and up, He got tallent in music , Painting and Acting probably he is one of the multi talented person in Pakistan and now he got the title of the most Sexiest Man Of Asia. Well thats a big achievement for him and for Pakistan.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Promote your Art in Pakistan Also Get Rating and Feedback about your Art

Photography Contest in pakistan
NCA Art Promotion Program In Pakistan
Art is in everything its a natural thing everyone got a unique thing inside him/her just figure it out and show it to others. Pakistans first photography promotion page is created with the help of the most powerful and famous social network "".
In this page peoples can get rating and feedback about their art and can promote their music and photography worldwide.
Art promotion in Pakistan helps us to show our cultural art worldwide, we can show the world that we have the best artists here in Pakistan.

This page is controlled by professional teachers of National College Of Arts Pakistan.
Page Link is "" Like it and promote it also share your Art on this page you in weekly photography contest top 3 users can win presents.
First time in Pakistan you can share and promote your music and photography art with others and can win prize in D-Capture Photography weekly Contest.
Keep Sharing "Best Of Luck"

Photography Contest in Pakistan
NCA Art Promotion Program In Pakistan

Photography Contest in Pakistan
NCA Art Promotion Program In Pakistan

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Sunjay Dutt's Daughter Trishala Dutt Hates To Date Desi Boys

Sunjay Dutt's Daughter Trishala Dutt is an American girl and she don't like to date desi guys, She is running her own business. She says to her friends that she don't want to date Indian or American boys because she don't like them. She lives in New York with her Grand Parents because her Mother "Richa Sharma" was died because of brain tumour in 1996 and Sunjay Dutt don't want her to join Bollywood. Trishala is very beautiful and sexy girl but she loves to do business she personally dont want to be a bollywood actor. Papa Dutt is one of the Biggest star of Bollywood he can promote her daughter in bollywood but he don't want to do that.

Trishala Dutt
Trishala Dutt Sunjay Dutt's Daughter

Trishala Dutt
Trishala Dutt Sunjay Dutt's Daughter

Friday, 20 December 2013

Eminem And Rihanna New Duet Song "Monster" Success 2013

Eminem the best rapper of USA infact he is the best rapper of the world and his best duet partner Rihanna the rude girl is one of the best singer of America. Her beautiful voice perfectly suits with eminem's rap tracks they have done almost 4 tracks together and all of them are super hit songs.

  • Love the way you lie - 2009
  • Love the way you lie | Part 2 - 2010
  • Numb - 2012
  • The Monster - 2013

The Monster is successfully hit many countries and still going up day by day. Monster has charted Australia , Canada , France , Ireland , New Zealand , Switzerland , United Kingdom , United States , Pakistan , China and India.
Recently Released Monster video is going successfully and the 3rd eminem's video directed by the most famous American filmmaker Rich Le. Monster video Released on 16 December 2013. Lets see how many Awards The Monster can win. Best of luck Mr. Slim Shady.

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