Wednesday, 25 December 2013

How To Make Money Online 2014

There are many companies work online and paying dollars to their publishers/clients just like Google, Chitka, Youtube, Clickbank etc. But the best ways to earn dollars online are the following:

  • Google Adsense : Website owners can place adsense ads on their website to earn money.
  • Youtube : Upload videos monetize your account and earn money.
These two are the best ways to earn money online, many peoples are earning a big amount monthly from their homes.
Its not very difficult just study some basics about web development then start online small business and start earning from it. There are many success stories of peoples who already working on Google Adsense and now youtube is also paying big money to publishers.
But something you must need to know about it is that you will never choose any alternative way to earn quickly for example clicking ads by your own etc. 
You have to promote your website or youtube channel legally and upload some original contents on it for example Photography Website, Music Website etc. Contents must have quality and make sure its not pirated because Google figure out the fake things very quickly. Just make a website or youtube channel and upload rich and original contents and promote it with the help of Facebook ads or Google Adword, You can also promote your website/youtube channel with the help of social media websites just like,, etc, You can also use Social bookmarking websites for promotion.
Please do not use cheap or unsecure way to promote your website or youtube channel and don't by yourself. Only original traffic can help you to earn money online the more viewers/visitors the more you get paid.
Best of Luck 


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