Friday, 25 October 2013

Internet From the light of Bulb "China Discovery"

China is becoming famous day by day, all the top of the list industries and companies shifted in china because of cheap labor and cheap resources. China is one of the main country of the technology world and they are keep struggling to invent new things for the world. And they are succeed in their mission by discover such a beneficial concept for the internet service.

Whats is it?

This service is an alternate of WIFI and its is based on BULB/LED light, this Technology is cheaper then the wifi and more stronger then it aswell.

Scientists says that by using this technology a user can access 4 or 5 devices with a single little LED.

It means this is the beginning of a new technology based on light ?
It means we are very near to invent the Teleporting and Time Traveling Machines?

Both of these things "Teleporting" and "Time Traveling" is also based on light, If we have find the way to access internet by using light so these both of these technologies is not very far.

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