Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pakistan Movie "Waar" is financed by Pak Military (said by Indian Media)

WAAR : Some Questions in my mind i want to share with you viewers .

What do you think Pakistanis?
Indians are wrong or right?
Is this movie really based on reality?
Is India really Involves in these kind of activities?

Pakistani Film industry is not very strong everybody knows that but now Lollywood have some new directors and they are very very good in their fields and they are qualified. They know how to make a film how to promote a film and specially how to finance a film. 

Main Point Of This Topic :
  •  If Pakistani Military really financed this wonderful feature film "WAAR" so whats wrong in it, Infact thats a good thing that Pakistan Army Shows the reality through the showbiz like India do.
  • "WAAR" is one of the highest budget film of Pakistan Released by Warner Bros.
  • "WAAR" Earned Almost 11.5 million on first day, which breaks all previous records of pakistani film industry.
  • Its not yet released globally.
These are some of points which India dont like thats why india keep criticizing Pakistani Film "WAAR" , They dont want to see Pakistani Industry with such kind of block baster films
But Pakistan is Rising in showbiz and thats enough for every Pakistani, We proud of our directors,actors,and other staff. Congratulations for this success..
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