Saturday, 30 November 2013

America Going To Make Robot Army

Us army going to convert in robot army, they have made like 10 robots for exhibition and their experiment is successfully completed.
Get ready for the new kind of opponents which are kind of undefeated.
These robot soldiers can use latest guns and can shoot the exact point from 800 meters distance.
Some of them are remote controlled and some of them are self controlled.
Now the Question is that the robo army with self control system is safe or not?
We can see this thing in Hollywood Films and in Comics that robots are fighting with peoples not one can control them they are very dangerous and cruel.
Exactly this is what everyone think about them, a machine can't be sensible like humans and can recognize persons and their tasks, So its very dangerous to make this kind of robots.
But scientists says that these robot army is very sensible and highly trained all protections level are cleared by them.The also says that their robots are passed by many tests. Lets see what happened in Future.

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