Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bollywood Films Banned in Pakistan | November 2013

Pakistan Government decided to ban all Bollywood films in Pakistan because indians are continuously violated Pakistan's policies and some major issues through their Military, Intelligence and now their film industry Bollywood.

    Bollywood industry is using Pakistani Actors against Pakistan e.g. Veena Malik, Sara Loren, Ali Zafar, Imran Abas etc.
Bollywood also offers Shaan Shahid for Ghajini film to play the role of a Pakistani Pimp, Shaan Shahid is a great Actor he refused the offer of Bollywood and says that he'll not gonna do work for bollywood ever.
Now pakistani film Waar Break all records of pakistani Films and once again people realize that Shaan Shahid is no doubt a very great and fine actor.
Thats a good decision of Pakistan Government to ban bollywood films in Pakistan.

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