Friday, 1 November 2013

"WAAR" Ratting on is rising day by day

"WAAR" The first Pakistani high budget movie and one of the master piece of Pakistan Film Industry.

The most famous Movies ratting website of the world shows 9.2/10 ratting of "WAAR".

And good thing is that before 2 weeks "WAAR" ratting was 8.1 and after release its rising up and up day by day. Its a very good achievement for Pakistan.
Now see whats next exiting thing came from Pakistani Industry. Director Bilal Lashari Prove himself as a great Director and Shaan Shahid Prove himself as a great Actor. Pakistani people want them to make such kind of films in future and they also want them to stop making "Gujjar" type of films.
Congratulation Mr. Bilal Lashari for this great achievement Pakistan Proud of u.

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