Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Paul Walker last moments december 2013

Paul walker the fast and the furious guy is not died in car accident, he will always live in our hearts. Fast and furious 7 is not going to be the best if they cut the few scenes of Paul Walker.

Paul Walker's fans are very sad and they don't want to see any other actor in his role but nothing can change the reality, Vin Diesel are also very sad but they gonna continue the making of Fast And the Furious, Who will be the next actor of Fast And Furious 7? Gives us your answer in comments and get chance to win an Autograph T-shirt of Paul Walker.

Here are some of last moments before that unbelievable car crash of paul walker.
RIP Paul Walker You are the real hero we must say.

One question to you viewers is that really a car accident or any other story behind it, Some blogs and websites says that Paul Walker not died because of car crash its an illuminati death. Well i dont know what exactly they trying to say but you can research on it by yourself. 

For answer please visit Inside Discovery News

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